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Hello everyone! I'm Dr. Lizzie Morris and I will be the one writing these blog posts likely with the help of AI technology as I have never been a fan of writing. Despite my elementary school teachers' best efforts, I have always been more of a science kid, then a literary one, although I am an avid reader, so I suppose they did rub off their love of the written word to me in some aspect. My goal for this blog is to mostly focus on the new research coming out in the chiropractic world and keep you; my patients, readers, friends, and family; up to date on what big progress is being made in my field. I hope this will not only make the new research accessible to you, but also help me stay on top of the new developments in the filed so I am always providing top of the line care to my patients and clients. My goal is to write at least 1 post a week and I will try to upload them on Fridays. I hope you all can help keep me accountable as well. Next week we will start off with an article on opioid drug use and chiropractic care.

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