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Serving People, Pets, and Livestock

To help them reach their health and performance goals

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About Country Roads Mobile Chiropractic LLC

A Mobile Human and Animal Chiropractic Office

Country Roads was born as a way to help make chiropractic care more accessible for those who simply don't have the time to drive to town to see the chiropractor. Here we know how valuable your time is at the farm or barn. We know there is barely time to get the daily chores done let alone all the projects that come along with having a homestead. We aim to meet you where you are, be it a field, a barn aisle, or your living room, to help you reach and maintain your health and performance goals. Whether it's dealing with back pain from a long day's work, improving your barrel run time, increasing the birth rates in your herd, or helping your dog get in and out of the car easier. We are here to help with all that and more. 

Country Roads aims to keep chiropractic care affordable and accessible for all to reach their health goals. Chiropractic care is an alternative to western medicine and although it does not treat any specific condition, it will help your body function at its highest ability so it can handle your life stressors with less strain. There have even been some cases where chiropractic care has improved egg production in chickens, improved pregnancy rates, decreased run times, increased jump height, or all sorts of performance goals. It is simply amazing what you can accomplish with a subluxation free spine. 

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Why Naturopathy

What is Chiropractic

It's a philosophy, science and art that comes together to correct subluxations of your spine via gentle adjustments that can help with all aspects of your life.

Here is just a small sample of what it can do

Cattle in Pasture


Back pain, neck pain, and headaches is just a drop in the bucket of what chiropractic can help with.


Chiropractic care can help improve your ability to complete your daily tasks.


Adjustments help to improve run times, increase jump height, or straightening out a trot, adjustments can help give you the edge on your competitors.

Reproductive Health

Chiropractic care has shown in most species to improve pregnancy rates, decrease labor difficulties, and improve newborn status. From less fussing to easier breastfeeding chiropractic care maybe the answer you have been searching for.

Production of Goods

Not yet proven but defenitiely trending in the research, chiropractic care may help increase milk or egg production, improve the quality of fleeces, and even improve the taste of the meat on your animals.


Unfortunately, nothing will truely make the daily life stressors go away. However a fully functioning nervous system will allow your body more space to handle them all. So although the stress itself may not change, your ability to handle it will.


Country Roads Chiropractic is here to serve you as well as your pets and livestock. We have worked on many different species and are excited to work on any creatures you may have. 

For more information on what services we offer, and pricing please visit the services page by clicking the link below or the tab on the top of the page. 

Dr. Morris palpating a horse
Dr. Morris palpating a pig
Dr. Morris holding a cat
Dr. Morris checking front leg length on a dog
Dr. Morris palpating a chicken

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