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Country Roads offers chiropractic care for people as well as their pets and livestock. We regularly tend to humans, horses, dogs, cats, cattle, and chickens, but have also worked on pigs, sheep, goats, snakes and rabbits among others. No animal is too big or too small. 

Our pricing is divided by size of the animal.

Under 150 lbs. is considered small.

Medium is 150-600 lbs.

Anything over 600 lbs is considered large. 

At this time all animal patients are required to have a veterinary referral letter on file as this is required by the State of New Hampshire Chiropractic and Veterinary boards. You can find a copy of this letter as well as all other forms to get you started under the new patient tab at the top of the screen. 

We do charge a call fee to come to your facility. This charge varies based on distance from our home location in Swanzey but can be split between parties. 

Dr. Morris palpating a human patient


Regular adjustments will take only 10-20 minutes per patient. These appointments will consist of a brief history to check and see how you are responding to care as well as a spinal check and adjustments as needed.



Small Animal


Medium Animal


Large Animal


Call Charge

Call Charges are charged once per location and are determined by how far they are from our home location in Chesnee. This fee can be split between multiple parties at one location if you would like to have family or friends all meet at one house, or in the case of a boarding facility with multiple owners at one location. The minimum split is $10.

Travel fee: $1 per mile 

Silver Ford truck
Dr. Morris checking leg length of a human patient

New Patient Exams

We require a new patient exam for all new patients which includes an in-depth case history, a problem focused exam, a discussion on potential treatment plans, and your first adjustment. This initial visit will last 30-45 minutes. This allows us to fully understand what your problems are as well as what is the best way to go about reaching your individual goals. For animal patients it also allows us to get a feel for how they might react or respond to getting adjusted and what they are comfortable with. Based on your treatment plan we will schedule follow up visits as needed and re-exams to track your progress. 

This is a one-time fee per patient. 



Hourly Rates

Want to get your whole herd under care?

We offer hourly rates as an independent contractor for large farms and businesses to make wellness care a more affordable option for the whole family. 


This will be the most beneficial when there are 12 or more patients at one location (or more then 6 large animals).

Please give us a call to discuss if this would be the right fit for you!

Black cows in pasture
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