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Dr. Elizabeth Morris

Hello! It's great to meet you! 

Dr. Morris and her horse James

My Story

Chiropractic was not my first choice in a career path, originally, while growing up in 4-H, I had wanted to be a veterinarian, but surgeries had always freaked me out. So, as college drew closer and closer, I switched gears to become a physical therapist. After shadowing a few offices and taking the first couple semesters of classes, I decided that that path was also not for me. I started researching what other options were open to me with what schooling I already had completed and stumbled upon chiropractic.

I had seen a chiropractor growing up as I had spells of horrible headaches and it had definitely helped to relieve them, but I had never considered it for more than the typical headaches and back pain. While researching, I found all the other things chiropractic had shown to help and was amazed. From fertility issues, to improving sport performance, to ear infections, chiropractic had shown to help all sorts of problems without the need for any surgery or medications. I was hooked and had to learn more.


For my final internship at the University of Vermont I interned at a local chiropractic office, and was amazed at the changes I saw in their patients from day 1 until the end of their care plans. Better yet, the chiropractor I was interning with also saw animals. I could combine my love of animals with my passion to help, and didn't have to use any knifes or drugs to do it, all I needed was my hands. 

I applied to a few chiropractic colleges and settled on Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic in Boiling Springs, South Carolina. I was excited for the change of scenery after spending my whole life in New England with the long, cold winters. So, I packed up my two horses and two dogs and moved south.

While working on my classes at Sherman I also completed a 240-hour course on Animal Chiropractics based out of a school in Meridian, Texas called Animal Chiropractic Education Source. I completed this course in August of 2022 and then became a Certified Animal Chiropractor with the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. I graduated from Sherman in March of 2023 and decided to open my own mobile practice where I could spend my days helping my patients, both two and four-legged, in the comfort of their own homes. 

Once completing my schooling I did what I swore I would never do, and moved right back to my home town of Swanzey, NH to set up shop. Although South Carolina was beautiful and the winters were so mild and nice, home was calling my name. So I packed everyone back up and moved back home to join forces with Dr. Little in Swanzey, NH to serve my hometown. 

Dr. Morris and her dog JJ
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