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Welcome! We are happy to have you. On this page you will find more details on what your first visit will look like!

What your first visit will look like

Your first visit will start off with mostly talking. First, I want to make sure you understand what chiropractic is and what it isn't. We will start with a discussion on that and what your goals are, as your goals are far more important to me then your problems. I want to know what you wish to achieve so I can be there to help you along the way. Next will be a lot of questions. This is so I can get an understanding of what exactly is happening and what is bothering you.  I cannot begin to help without understanding both your goals and your problems. 

Next will be a series of tests. This will include pertinent orthopedic, muscular, sensory, and reflex tests as well as measuring your range of motion and analyzing how you stand and walk. This helps me to gain a clear clinical picture of what is the potential cause of your worries. These tests help to determine the diagnosis behind your symptoms and help me determine if adjustments will help or if a different practitioner is better suited to your needs. 

I will then perform a spinal exam on you which will involve you laying down on my table, so I can palpate your spine. While palpating I am looking for differences in muscle tone, bone structure, or small differences in motion from one vertebra to the next. I will also look at your legs in what is called a "leg check" which can help uncover where there is tension in your spine. 

After this is completed, we will discuss your findings, how I think chiropractic care can help, and what your treatment plan will be. These plans range from 3 visits per week to 1 visit per quarter based on your individual status. Often when first starting care you need to be seen more frequently to stabilize your spine and retrain your body on what is correct after years of adaptation. As you progress along your care plan your visit frequency will continue to adapt as you do. 

Once a treatment plan is discussed and agreed upon, we will get your first adjustment in. After the adjustment you may feel immediate relief, no change, or even feel worse. The first adjustment is always a wild card to determine how your body will react. The goal of course is that you will immediately feel better, however, sometimes your body needs 2-4 adjustments before you will truly start to see and feel a difference. 

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